VAT Checker is a freeware that can quickly check the validity of a VAT number, it use a free online Web Service from European Commission's Taxation and Customs Union Directorate-General (ec.europa.eu), aim to provide a easily method to verify a VAT number issued by any Member State.

This software very simple and easy to use, users just need input or paste a VAT number then click "Validate" button, this software will access the Web service from European Commission, and tell whether this number is valid. Software can detect Country Code automatically.

Freeware, free to use at your own risk.


Supported Country Code:
  • AT-Austria
  • BE-Belgium
  • BG-Bulgaria
  • CY-Cyprus
  • CZ-Czech Republic
  • DE-Germany
  • DK-Denmark
  • EE-Estonia
  • EL-Greece
  • ES-Spain
  • FI-Finland
  • FR-France
  • GB-United Kingdom
  • HR-Croatia
  • HU-Hungary
  • IE-Ireland
  • IT-Italy
  • LT-Lithuania
  • LU-Luxembourg
  • LV-Latvia
  • MT-Malta
  • NL-The Netherlands
  • PL-Poland
  • PT-Portugal
  • RO-Romania
  • SE-Sweden
  • SI-Slovenia
  • SK-Slovakia

VAT stands for a Value Added Tax, which is commonly used in the European Union.